A Ballot Measure to Save LACMA

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to announce that Save LACMA has retained the services of Bradley Hertz and the Sutton Law Firm to help guide us through our efforts to ensure that our LACMA’a public institution on public land with a priceless collection of publicly-owned artwork will remain accountable to the community.

Please donate to help us in this endeavor.

Bradley and the Sutton Law Firm represent nonprofits, like Save LACMA, that are involved in the political and legislative processes on the local and state levels.

After thoroughly briefing Bradley on the LACMA situation, and the museum’s insistence on moving forward with demolition of its existing campus to clear space for an unpopular, undersized and underfunded new building by Peter Zumthor, he suggested a bold line of defense that could reverse this destructive action.

With your help, Save LACMA can place a measure onto the Los Angeles County ballot, giving the community that loves, supports and owns LACMA a real chance to have a say in its future when they cast their vote.

Please join us in our efforts to fund a ballot measure, to ensure that this treasured museum will thrive and be protected for generations to come.

This is truly a bold and auspicious plan, and we need your help! To move forward, Save LACMA must seek tax-deductible contributions to pay for Bradley’s legal services, as well as the recommended course of actions by Sutton Law. We are counting on you to contribute if you’re able, and to spread the word to your network of colleagues, friends and family who love LACMA and can’t sit idly by while the institution steers onto the rocks.

Thank you for your continued willingness to be of help and remember it’s your LACMA, it’s our LACMA so, together, let’s Save LACMA.



Rob Hollman
Board Chair